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Foundations - The IT Blog for SMB

My System is Slow

Posted by Tom Gleason on October 30, 2017 11:21:00 AM CDT


This is what we hear from business managers and owners all day long:

“Some days it feels like I wasted my whole day on computer issues, it is hard to be productive while wasting time on technology.”

“ I can’t serve my customers, I can’t serve my employees, I can’t prospect, and I am frustrated.”

If you feel this way you are not alone, they are common symptoms of problems that need to be reconfigured, restructured, or just plain fixed.  The good news is, it does not have to be this way! Let me explain this in non-technical language.

What causes this? Many times its related to configuration and compatibility issues that naturally occur as we add software and applications to our computers.  Over time our computers begin slowing down, Windows or MacOS updates occur, security updates get installed and the existing programs don't get updated properly. When applications don't get updated they can become inconsistent with the operating system.  The operating system is now dealing with a maze of instructions that are not compatible throughout each program, making it slow, crash, or freeze up. Or the opposite occurs, new programs designed to work with modern operating systems, struggle working with Windows 7, Windows Vista or older versions of Windows. 

Unfortunately, as users we tend to put up with the problems, procrastinate and wait as our productivity slows, and slows, until things are so bad that we just can’t get our work done anymore. 

It is hard to imagine what would my day look like if I never had these issues and things ran like they were designed. Don’t settle for frustration, when the fix is usually simple.

Let Texas 24 evaluate your servers, computers, switches and firewalls to look for the problems which are causing these challenges. We can provide comprehensive or targeted simple solutions for most of these “IT day wasters”.

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