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Bad Rabbit - Ransomware

Posted by Alden Gleason on October 25, 2017 3:49:52 PM CDT
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bad_rabbit.pngThe U.S. government has issued a warning about a new ransomware attack that spread through Russia and Ukraine and into other countries around the world.

Bad Rabbit has received a lot of media attention in the last several days as the infections are spreading. At this time, most of the victims appear to be located in the Russia and Ukraine regions, but there have been infections in other countries. 

Bad Rabbit, as it is known, was initially spread via drive-by downloads, but also contains the ability to propagate via SMB, as well as encrypting files and preventing an infected system from booting properly. 

By propagating via SMB, it can infect other machines connected to the same network. 

The good news: If you use our Managed Security Services, you were already protected from this attack. Contact us today for more information about how we can protect your computers before an attack happens. 

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